Domestic Cleaning Only

Replacement Cleaners

When your cleaner is on holiday, if requested we will supply a replacement for the time they are away. If your cleaner is unable to visit you due to illness or unexpected reasons contact us at the agency and we will wherever possible supply a replacement from our database of cleaners.

Domestic Cleaning

We recognise that by using the Cleaning Service the difficult task of finding – interviewing – taking and checking references and keeping them in your employ is hard; when they are sick or on holiday what do you do, start the whole procedure again?  That is why the Cleaning Service was established  14 years ago, to take the problem away from the client.

The Cleaning Service will supply the cleaner,  but it is up to you, the client,  to decide how you use the labour, it can be cleaning only or a combination of cleaning and ironing. You can have a cleaning routine that is carried out on each visit. You can specify a particular job that you would like to be done on a visit. You can ask them to devote the time to a particular room that needs special attention. How about that backlog of ironing that needs doing!  The cost of the service starts at £9.50 per hour, please call us so we can explain further how the service works and to answer any questions that you may have.